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Hi. My name is Thomas. I am a Full-Stack-developer, musician, and furniture maker. I have studied Computer Science at Ghent University from 2015 to 2018. Unfortunately, I could not finish my studies right away, and I am catching up right now studying ICT at Odisee. During the “technical” break, starting in 2018, I was student at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in classical music composition and violin. I can confidently call my passion for design, which drives my efforts, a major capability in my works as well - from furniture building to web design. In 2019, I became interested in design and woodworking. The passion for woodworking grew, when my partner and I were renovating a house and designed furniture and architectural elements for the house . Today, on the weekends, you can find me in my woodshop. I’ve been following evening classes in furniture building at CVO Gent since the beginning of 2020.

Some of my projects

Bad Larry

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Two tool

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Bens Dresser

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Bens Dresser

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